Russian Orthodox Church and
Skete of the Resurrection of Christ
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Preparation for Confession - 3rd and 4th Commandments

Examination of conscience with reflections on the Commandments

The Third Commandment: Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that takes His name in vain.

  • Have I profaned the name of God in any way?
  • Have I been thoughtless or irreverent with the name of God?
  • Have I used the name of God in a curse?
  • Have I treated something holy as a joke, or joked about holy things?
  • Have I grumbled toward God or even renounced Him at any time?
  • Have I shown due respect to the clergy and the faithful or hindered them in their work?
  • Have I shown respect for all other people?
  • Have I prayed absent-mindedly or inattentively?
  • Have I cursed anyone or anything?
  • Have I sworn a false oath?
  • Have I broken an oath or a promise?
  • Have I entered into any sinful or unlawful contract or made such a promise?
  • Have I given in to despondency?
The Fourth Commandment: Keep the Sabbath day to sanctify it, as the Lord thy God has commanded thee.

  • Have I failed to attend Divine Services on the Lord’s Day or on a Great Feast Day without just cause?
  • Have I kept others from attending Divine Services?
  • Have I done unnecessary work on Sundays or on Great Feast Days?
  • Have I violated the sanctity of the Lord’s Day or Great Feasts by unwholesome or frivolous activities?
  • Have I distracted others from keeping these days in a godly way?
  • Did I pray at home if I was unable to attend Divine Services on the Lord’s Day or a Great Feast Day?
  • Did I make every effort to worship “in spirit and in truth” while I was at Divine Service?
  • Did I allow myself to be distracted by worldly concerns at a Divine Service? To judge others? To think of unwholesome or frivolous things?
  • Did I make the effort to come to Divine Services on time?
  • Have I diligently kept the fasts of the Church?
  • Have I caused anyone else to violate the fasts or tempted anyone to do so?
  • Have I fasted properly in my heart, realizing a hunger for God and life in Him, rather than legalistically, just to fulfill the letter?