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Beautifying the Iconostasis

We ask all of you who wish to donate for this beautifying of the iconostasis. If you are able to help cover the cost ($2,500), you can give your donation to Br. James, the Treasurer, or Victor Durnev, the Assistant Starosta.



The Mother of God is Paradise +++

 We see today the newly born girl-child and understand how great is the love of God. We hear the cries of a small child and learn of the unutterable wisdom of the Trinity. We look at the human child and through our tears we see how exalted man becomes through love—exalted to the radiant light of the throne of Life.

The Most Holy Virgin Theotokos was born on this day. She rises like the sun from the tears of prayer, from the kindness of blessed old age and from sacred purity. The girl-child shines in the world as the fruit of God’s miracle, greater than the heavens, preparing to give birth to the Creator of all.

The little child, barely heard crying today, will become the Intercessor of the human race. The girl is light as a feather, yet more spacious than the heavens. She is but a tiny babe, pressed to the breast of the grandmother of the Lord, preparing to become the sanctified temple and spiritual paradise...

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Weekly Schedule of Services


 ~Sunday September 16

Hierom. Anthimus / Священномуч. Анфима



~Thursday September 20

Vespers for Nativity of Theotokos / Вечерня – Рождество Пр. Бцы


6:30 pm Vespers



~Friday September 21

Nativity of the Theotokos / Рождество Пресвятыя Богородицы


9:00 am Service



~Saturday September 22


5:30 pm Vigil



~Sunday September 23

Sunday before Elevation of the Cross / Нед. Пред Воздвижением Креста


8:15 am Nocturns,Hours,Confessions

9:00 am Divine Liturgy / Литургия





*Please see our most current schedule found in the latest bulletin

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