Russian Orthodox Church and
Skete of the Resurrection of Christ
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Христос воскресенье!!
Воистину Воскресе!
Christ is Risen!
Indeed, He is Risen!



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Latest News!

His Eminence Archbishop Alypy, long-time ruling hierarch of the Diocese of Chicago & Mid-America, reposed at about 9:00 p.m. CDT on April 15/28, 2019, the day of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. May his memory be eternal!

Его Высокопреосвященство архиепископ Алипий, давний правящий иерарх Чикагской и Средне-американской епархии, отошел к Господу около 9.00 CDT 15/28 апреля 2019 года, в день Воскресения нашего Господа Иисуса Христа. Вечная Память!

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Beautifying the Iconostasis

We ask all of you who wish to donate for this beautifying of the iconostasis. If you are able to help cover the cost ($2,500), you can give your donation to Br. James, the Treasurer, or Victor Durnev, the Assistant Starosta.





Sunday of the Paralytic

All too often, when we examine the causes of our sufferings, we try to find causes outside of ourselves. In short, we try to place blame on someone or something other than ourselves. This is because we do not want to look at ourselves, because we do not want to see our own selfish, self-centered behaviors that put us into conflict with others or caused us to abuse our own bodies. If we look honestly at our lives, we will find that some aspect of this type of behavior is the cause of all of our suffering, no matter how much fault we can find with someone or something other than ourselves as the cause of our suffering.

Selfish, self-centered behaviors are sinful behaviors. The question is, how long are we going to let sin bring us suffering? If we let sin run its course in our lives, it will bring us to death, both a spiritual and physical death. Saint Paul reminds us of this in his epistle to James: “and sin, when it is finished, brings forth death,” (James 1:15) or again in the epistle to the Romans, “For the wages of sin is death.” (Romans 6:23)

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Weekly Schedule of Services


 ~Sunday May 19

Sunday of the Paralytic / Нед. оразслабленном


~Wednesday May 22

Mid-Pentecost / Преполовение Пятидесятницы


9:00 am Service


~Saturday May 25


5:30 pm Vigil


~Sunday May 26

The Samaritan Woman / ОСамарянине


8:15 am Nocturns, Hours,Confessions
9:00 am Divine Liturgy / Литургия

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