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**Our priest, Fr. John, had Mohs surgery last month. Friday he had surgery on right and left eyelids for scarring and keloid formation. He is well and still recovering from surgery. Please add your prayers for him.

Beautifying the Iconostasis

We ask all of you who wish to donate for this beautifying of the iconostasis. If you are able to help cover the cost ($2,500), you can give your donation to Br. James, the Treasurer, or Victor Durnev, the Assistant Starosta.




Father Myron!
Father Myron!
Father Myron!


Thought for the Day

By St. Theophan the Recluse

Monday. [II Thess. 1:1-10; Luke 12:13-15, 22-31]

   Who made Me a judge or a divider over you? the Lord said to the man who asked Him to divide between him and his brother. Then He added: take no thought (Matt. 6:33), about what to eat and drink, or what to wear. Earlier He taught: leave the dead to bury their dead; another time he suggested that it is better not to marry. This means that the attention and heart of Christians turning aside from everything worldly, and freedom from worldly talk and bonds, make up one of the traits of a Christian spirit. That the Lord blesses marriage and supports its integrity, which effectually renews the commandment regarding the relationship between parents and children and attaches significance to civic powers and order, is not a negation of this trait and does not give Christians the right to avoid preserving and cherishing it in their hearts. Compare both things and you will see that you have a duty to keep your heart unworldly amidst worldly routines. How can one do this? Figure out your life yourself; in this is all practical wisdom. The Lord guides one towards solving this with the following rule: seek ye first the kingdom of God. Direct all your concern towards having God reign in you, and everything worldly will lose its binding and burdensome spell over you. Then you will conduct your affairs outwardly, but inwardly your heart will be possessed with something else. But, if on account of this, the resolution arises to cut off this outer relationship to worldly things—you will not lose out: you will come closer to the goal which the faith of Christ will give you.



Weekly Schedule of Services

~Sunday November 17

St Joannicius / Преп. Иоанникия
~Wednesday November 20
Vigil – St Michael & all Heavenly Hosts
6:30 pm Vigil
~Thursday November 21
St. Archangel Michael & Heavenly Hosts / Собор Архистратига Михаила и прочих бесплотных Сил
9:00 am Divine Liturgy / Литургия
~Saturday November 23
5:30 pm Vigil
~Sunday November 24
Martyrs Menas, etc.
8:15 am Nocturns, Hours,Confessions
9:00 am Divine Liturgy / Литургия

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