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Prayer of St. Ephraim:
O Lord and Master of my Life!
Take from me the spirit of laziness, despair, lust
for power, and vain speaking.
But give to me Thy servant, the spirit of purity,
humility, patience, and love.
Yea, O Lord and King, grant me to see my own
sins and not to judge my brother, for Thou art
blessed unto ages of ages. Amen.
(this prayer is said mainly during the Great Fast; but its
content is relevant for the whole year. It may be good to add
it to our daily prayers all year)





Beautifying the Iconostasis

We ask all of you who wish to donate for this beautifying of the iconostasis. If you are able to help cover the cost ($2,500), you can give your donation to Br. James, the Treasurer, or Victor Durnev, the Assistant Starosta.



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                                        Second Sunday of Great Lent, St. Gregory of Palamas
 On the Second Sunday of Great Lent, we celebrate the memory of St. Gregory Palamas, Archbishop of Thessalonica. On this day, the Holy Church speaks to us about the mystery of light, which we must come to know, if we want to behold the Resurrection of Christ. St. Gregory of Thessalonica and the theological arguments of the fourteenth century connected with his name taught that the light of the Transfiguration is uncreated light. Refuting the heresies of the western theologians, this teaching reminded Christians of the words of the Scripture stating that God is light. By confessing God the Father and God the Son, Light from Light, true God of true God, we believe that God the Light created another light—the one described in the book of Genesis: “God said, let there be light.”



Weekly Schedule of Services



 ~Sunday March 24

St. Gregory Palamas / Свят. игория Паламы


~Friday March 29

Presanctified Liturgy / Литургия Преждеосвященных Даров

6:00 pm


~Saturday March 30


5:30 pm Vigil



~Sunday March 31

Sunday of the Cross / Крестопоилонная


8:15 am Nocturns, Hours, Confessions

9:00 am Divine Liturgy / Литургия

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*Please see our most current schedule found in the latest bulletin

*Обновления к расписанию служб могут быть найдены в последнем  церковном листке




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